Provide a Foundation of Support

Investments from foundations have enabled us to continue to give kids their own foundation of positive influence from a caring adult.

With the support of foundations, Big Brothers Big Sisters is able to keep reaching out to at-risk children and providing them with much-needed role models. Every child that gains a new perspective regains their opportunity to achieve their future goals. 

We are grateful to the following foundations and philanthropic supporters:

Appleyard Family Foundation

Bank of America Foundation

Charles Whitehead Foundation

D.W. McMillan Foundation

Keba Oberstein Trust

Kugelman Family Foundation

Melba B. Meyer Charitable Trust

Mobayed Family

Panhandle Charitable Open

Publix Supermarkets Charities Inc.

Sandy Sansing Family Foundation

Studer Foundation, Inc.

Switzer Brothers Charitable Foundation

Suntrust Foundation

The Bear Family Foundation


If you would like to learn more about how your foundation can start big change and support the growth of Big Brothers Big Sisters, please contact Paula Shell, President & CEO, at or 850-433-5437 x 11.