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John is a "Big Kid" and that's just what Little Brother Joe loves about him

John Armentrout has been a Big to Little Brother Joe, 17, since November 2010. The two spend time together body surfing in the Gulf, racing go-carts, roller skating, exploring Pensacola, and volunteering. Recently, John was so proud of his Little Brother because for the first time Joe had all A’s and B’s and only one C on his progress report. “School doesn’t come that easy to Joe, but he tries really hard. We’re a lot alike in that way.” John said.

Joe has had minimal contact with his father throughout his life, and John certainly has become a father figure. Though his childhood has not been the easiest, John stated he is continually amazed at how thoughtful and caring Joe is. “Recently we were downtown walking and suddenly I noticed that Joe’s not with me. As it turned out he had seen a younger kid running out into the road and he went over to make sure the kid made his way back to his mom. He had sensed that the child was in trouble and wanted to help. That’s just something you don’t see that much in kids.” John said Joe is quick to stand up for others and is making progress at controlling his own temper when kids at school are not nice to him.

Joe describes his Big Brother as “the coolest person you can meet.” Perhaps that’s because John, at age 68, is a big kid himself. John says he loved body surfing and roller skating as a kid and he has just as much fun doing those activities with Joe, 51 years later!

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